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On May 30 Ferris was congratulated and awarded for being the #1 salon raising the most amount of money

in all of Los Angeles and Orange County.


Most Outstanding Make-up/Hair/Styling Graduate Complexions Make-up School Toronto


Most Outstanding Esthetician Award

Ogle Beauty College


Coordinator Marc Jacob Fashion Show

at I Magnin


Coordinator Donna Karen Fashion Show

atI Magnin


Fashion Coordinator/Public Relations

Louis De O’ellio-Ann Klein Fashion Show-I Magnin


Your talent and hard work contributed to making

this event such a success!

Shirley Wilson Public Relations Director



Thank you for all your expertise!

Betty Leonard Vice President, GM I. Magnin


Your expertise with details and style has made this another splendid I. Magnin event ….Thank you! Shirley Wilson Public Relations Director


As an assistant fashion editor at Earnshaw’s Children’s Magazine she worked well with designers, manufacturers and sales representatives, picked up on valuable trend information.

She also possessed a fine sense of personal style…

Liz Gardner West Coast Editor Earnshaw’s Children's Magazine


Most Outstanding Fashion Design/Merchandising

Graduate Sharon Tate

Los Angeles Trade-Technical College


Distinguished Graduate Award, has achieved an overall grade point average of 3.70 or above.

Thomas L Stevens, Jr. Former President L.A. Trade Technical Institute

Why Is Ferris Custom Face and Body an Expert in the Skin Care Field?


· We have a great deal of practical, innate, education, and experience in all forms of the beauty world…skin care, medical massage, permanent make-up- esthetics and paramedical, electrolysis, and make-up artistry


· We have experience working with leading plastic surgeons, dermatologists, chiropractors, and acupuncturists


· We are the "esthetician's esthetician"- we receive mishaps from the beauty and medical world


· We correct NOT ONLY treat other professional’s mishaps


· We have trade secrets for specific facials


·We have trade secrets for pre and post operative care


· We are experts in pre and post operative care


· We are experts in ethnic skin


· We are experts in hyper/hypopigmentation


· We are experts in rosacea, eczema


· We are experts in acne, adult and teen


· We are experts in chemical peels


· We are experts in peels for African American, Hispanic, and Asian skin


· We are experts in peels that are nonchemical


· We recommend follow-up visits after peels for no charge where other professionals do NOT


· We spend time to customize ALL treatments


· We spend the time to improve your skin issues


· We choreograph your product needs


· We recommend individual skin recipes


· We handpick the best product for your specific needs


·We use several different mediums



· We use the latest and the greatest machines


· We use several different machines


· We are comfortable touching your face and have a gentle, healing expert touch When Choosing an Esthetician:


· Make sure they’re highly skilled with your skin type and age


· Make sure they’re qualified and experienced in all aspects of beauty… NOT JUST what they like to do· Many estheticians are better clients to themselves than they are technicians to you


· Choose wisely


. Make sure there’s a balance between heart, experience, and integrity, they are the chosen few having the honor to touch your face! Why Is Ferris Custom Face and Bodyan Expert in Permanent Make-up?


· We are experts in both the technical and esthetics of permanent make-up- most are great technicians NOT esthetics (See picture below)


· We are experts in both esthetics and paramedical application of permanent make-up


· We are well-rounded experts in make-up (background needed for esthetics), electrolysis (background needed for a steady hand), and a licensed skin care professional (background needed for application, skin and color analysis, healing and infection if necessary)


· We use several different techniques · We use several different, unique probes


· We use the latest and greatest anesthetic solutions making sure you have a positive, comfortable experience


· The latest and the greatest machines that are less dramatic to the skin, cause less pain and swelling


· We reshape the brows and lips and spend the time to address esthetic issues to give you a more pleasing, natural youthful appearance, thus we give you a makeover if needed


· We give natural looks and do NOT try to replace make-up meaning when one enters the room the permanent make-up does NOT enter

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