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Skin Care Consultation

Ferris the skin angel will be your personalize skin care guru, even if you can’t come in to Beverly Hills.  One can have red carpet skin ready skin as everyone deserves angel-like skin.

You and Ferris will discuss your skin care goals, regiments, recipes and after your virtual skin care consultation you will receive an e mail of a recap of what we have discussed with customized at home recipes tailored to your needs/goals.


Customized Virtual Skin Care Consultation

Everyone is unique and so is their skin, the largest living organ in the body.  Therefore, one’s skin care should be customized for their unique lifestyle, age, goals, and health habits. All products are clinical have been choreographed and tested for over 25 years from having my own clinic in Beverly Hills. All my clients buy series so I see what is working and what is not.  Furthermore, I strawberry pick products and use the best products I have found work for your skin type and age.  Since, I strawberry pick Vendors hate it clients love it!

24 hours cancellation policy. $50-75 fee.

Virtual Introductory Skin Consultation (first time clients) $85.00 for 20 min.
  • After our first zoom meeting, you will receive an overview of what we discussed, customized products tailored for your skincare goals and lifestyle.

  • Follow up text in one month after received products.                           


Existing Client Virtual Skin Consultation – (Phone/Texting conversation). Clients who have a series of skin care treatments and I have seen in the treatment room.

     Fee $30.00/15 min.  Additional fees may apply. Not to exceed 30 mins .

Virtual Skin Consultation (Zoom) 


     Fee $150.00 for 30 min. Additional fees may apply.

Teen-age/Adult Make-up Lessons  (Zoom) 
     Fee - One hour  $175 - $225 
3 - One hour make-up sessions (Zoom)
     Fee - $395 - $450

Personalized color, Color Psychology Analysis, Palette Analysis, Wedding Make-up, 3 Looks; day, evening and trends, Customized Brow Techniques.

Note: Buyers responsible for product shipping fees. Note: all products are non-returnable once opened. If you ordered products online without a professional skin-care license and certifications, chances are you are buying counterfeit, not active/fresh products.  In addition, these unauthorized websites are in violation of the FDA, US Customs, Homeland Security and other state agencies therefore, the person ordering or receiving their products could be liable to pay all applicable duty, taxes and penalties.


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