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Image of woman gettig microblding treatment in Beverly Hills


Microblading Specialist

Microblading is the new wave in permanent makeup right now. Ferris the skin Angel has been trained under Dr. Dixon who coined the name microblading.


To Be an expert in this field you need to be trained in EMP (Esthetics, Makeup Artistry, and Precision):

  1. An Esthetician background (one needs to he trained in skincare to understand infections, healing and ink penetration).

  2. Makeup artistry, have an aesthetic style and be an expert in color analysis.

  3. Precision - Hand and eye coordination - This takes years to accomplish.

Ferris is trained in EMP and is considered one of the top Microblading specialists in Beverly Hills. When looking for a microblading expert, make sure they are trained in these three areas, otherwise, you run the risk of not getting the desired results, and sometimes may end up worse. 


The Truth About Microblading


There are some points of microblading that we should be aware of.

  1. Air strokes disappear after 1-3 years. The Microblading technique is using a hand-held blade to give hair-like illusions. However, microblading loses its hair-like lines very quickly, therefore, using different technique styles helps with duration.

  2. Claims say it's a 3D outcome, however, hair strokes are not the true sense of "3D". The image below shows an areola restoration that is considered to be "true 3D" as it gives a sense of layering, something that microblading does not. 


3. If the color is not inserted deep enough, the result will be a grayish tint.

4. Microblading usually enhances your own natural shape, however, when past a certain age, it is best to have an improvement of your natural shape.

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