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Legs of a woman after a body skin treatment in Beverly Hills

· Cellulite Reduction

These treatments improve circulation and aid in removing toxins from muscle tissue. Vacuum body sculpt massage, ultrasound, lymphatic and trigger point techniques are the mediums used to attack the most stubborn cellulite. Trade secrets are used for mediums and techniques to get the best results. Visible improvement after first treatment. For ultimate results a series is suggested.

· Medical Massage

Trade secrets. Works specific muscle groups to heal and reduce hypertonic muscles, scar tissue, sinusitis, and post operative care. All treatments are a combination and customized for your needs i.e. acupuncture techniques- cupping, physical therapy- trigger point therapy, microcurrent, lymphatic drainage- edema, ultra sound for injuries and sore muscles. Results are miraculous!

· Bacfacial

This is a facial for the back combined with a massage. Ideal for blemished and hyper pigmented backs.

· Body Scrubs

For a softer smoother skin, this treatment is an exfoliating massage using a variety of scrubs, essential oils and herbs including chocolate, coconut, coffee, chamomile, honey, berries, lemon, orange, grapefruit, peppermint, eucalyptus, geranium, rosemary, rose, ginger and ylang ylang. These scrubs, oils and herbs are custom blended to achieve maximum results.

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