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Products are ordered from my license and certifications.  Therefore, you are under my care.

Because these products are active, you must follow my protocol only; all products have been choreographed and customized personally for each individual lifestyle, goals and needs.

Because each customer has their own customized skin care recipes, all products are specialty ordered. These products are active so they must be specialty ordered.  Some products must be kept in the refrigerator or out of any sunlight.  I do not order in bulk, all products are fresh. I usually need two weeks to process orders.

In today’s online world, counterfeit or old products are prevalent, all products are clinically tested and certified, hence NOT sold directly to the public.  If products are sold directly to the public without a license and certification, just note that you are NOT buying genuine products. They could be coming from China or other non-authorized sources.

I am not responsible for clients buying on-line from another source (even if it has the manufacturer’s name). In addition, these sites are in violation of the FDA, US Customs, Homeland Security and other State and Federal Agencies, therefore, the person ordering or receiving these products could be liable to pay all applicable duty, taxes and penalties.

All products for the last 25 years,  have been tested in all the different environments for example: mountains with a higher altitudes, desert-low and high temperatures and altitudes, scuba diving (ocean/salt) environments, Canadian (Toronto and B.C.) cold winter weather, high humidity of; Florida, Toronto, Texas and the Caribbean.  

With every order we may revisit, boost, or change your products, especially when the different environments and seasons approach. It is very important that you follow exactly as I suggested.

If you are using products that I don’t recommend, you may NOT get the desired results and could even scar or break out.  Your skin is a living organ (largest) therefore, recipes change as skin and environments change.  Any fillers, botox, pregnant, breast feeding, lasers, needs to be considered and may result in changing a client’s skin care routine. Skin treatments are a process and not a pure science, therefore, Ferris Custom Face and Body is not responsible for your results.

Due to COVID, all opened products are not refundable, unopened products subject to 30% restock fee. Samples not provided.  24 Hour Notice required for Scheduled Virtual / In-house Consultation, otherwise $50-$75 fee applies

In-session treatments are more active. It is through my license, certifications, and my experience that I get active ingredient products therefore, I reserve the right to refuse clients or drop clients if they are not candid or following my protocol.


Please download the Consent form, sign and send back to me via text or email: 


Text Only – 310-302-7550                                                                                 Email –





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