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Woman smiling after a facial in Beverly Hills

Facials and Peels

· European Facial

Deep facial cleaning, extractions if needed. A must for relaxation and deep cleansing. The esthetician is a specialist in European Facials with 35 years experience, trained by Estee Lauder in New York.

· Ferris Signature Facial

Secret lotions and potions, serums and masks that feed, nourish and detox the skin.

· Teen Facial

Extractions are mandatory to control the sebum build up.

· Mens Facial

We specialize in a condition many men get called folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicle). We address and attack this condition through special scrubs and specific acids, exfoliation, reduction of pore size, extraction of ingrown hairs, electrolysis, and treat hyper pigmented areas. We also do rejuvenation and relaxation treatments for men.

· Spiritual Facial

Beautiful skin starts with a peaceful heart. Ancient oils, special waters, relaxing music and healing massage all contribute to a healthy, dewy complexion and a peaceful spirit.

· 24K Gold Facial

This is an ultimate indulgence facial where microthin sheets of 24-karat gold leaf are applied and misted to aid penetration. Benefits are hydration, slows down collagen depletion, stimulates cell growth, tones and lightens age spots. Can be combined with other treatments.

· LED - Light Therapy

LED light therapy reduces the appearance of fine lines and smooths skin textures. It is a non-evasive skin treatment utilizing specific wavelengths that enhance and improve a refreshed healthier skin tone. Can be combined with other treatments.

· Red Carpet Facial

We tone, feed your skin and air brush your face, neck and décolleté to create a perfect complexion. In just one visit with no down time your skin is refreshed, energized, lifted and the results are a healthy more youthful you!


Treatment Consists of:

· A boost of vitamins at an oxygen level

· 3 different kinds of current” A work out “ for your face-cold light therapy, microcurrent and ultra sound 1.a deeper absorption of product 2 lifting and toning specific muscle groups 3. lymphatic drainage-lifts eye area + drains sinuses and minimizes the appearance of dark circles

· Tightening + Lifting products that minimize pores and lines and lift specific muscle groups

· Specific products according to your skin care needs- that will keep your face looking fresh and dewy all through the event

· Air Brushing- a special application of make-up that gives you a complete even finish that looks natural and stays on all day- good coverage, doesn’t wipe off, to hide tattoos, to hide imperfections, a perfect palette for face, neck and décolleté

1 ½ hr.

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