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Clinical Care

young women cliical care in Beverly Hills

This is for the client who wants or needs a more assertive approach to skin care. Programs range from 3-10 months depending on your goals. Individual peels are done; however, more expensive than series packages.

· Facelift Like Facial

A workout for the face without surgery! Microcurrent electricity, products, oxygen therapy and massage to tighten and tone the facial muscles.

· 4 Step Clinical Facial

For any skin type, especially dull, tired skin. An elaborate exfoliation process that aids the skin to breath again. A combination of microdermabrasion and specific acids.

· 2-7 Day Peel

For enlarged pores, scars and acne skin types. Mild to moderate exfoliation peels. Each individual has their own customized peels made up of trade secrets like herbal/organic plant extracts, TCA and AHA's. Vitamin A & C are used to achieve silky smooth, healthy skin.

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