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Ferris Strachan is one of the leaders in her field and I hold her in the highest regards as a professional clinical esthetician. She has a great reputation, high-end clientele and refers business to our office for plastic and reconstructive surgery.


We also refer business to her office for post operative care, esthetics and paramedical micro-pigmentation. I have known her for awhile and have recommended her as a consultant to my patience and other plastic surgeons.


Renato Calabria, MD

International/ Celebrity Plastic Surgeon



Your knowledge is extraordinary; you are a true professional.


Patricia Padilla

Campus Director Marinello School



I have known Ferris Strachan for several years and hold her to the highest regard both personally and professionally. I have worked closely with her and would recommend her as an Esthetician/Instructor to my patients and fellow Doctors.


Frank H. Ryan, M.D.

Celebrity Plastic Surgeon

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery




I have had many procedures done at her beautiful office location and have been thrilled with all results.  Ferris is a consummate professional having the most state-of-the art equipment and product.


I am a Practice Manager for a very high profile aesthetic and restorative dentist in Beverly Hills, therefore I am very aware of the degree of professionalism and expertise which is expected in this area.


She has a “beautiful Spirit” and I feel she added beauty to both my outer image as well as my heart.


Lyn Young

Practice Manager

Robert G. Rifkin, D.D.S.




I find her expertise in the field of skin care and her treatment of clients to be exceptional. I would recommend her service to anyone!


Jessica Chan Go R.N., BSN

Cedar –Sinai Medical Center

Hospital Nurse Epidemiologist



Ferris is an expert in her field! Ferris is extremely creative and caring.


Over the years we have had a wonderful relationship, receiving patient referrals from Ferris as well as sending patients to her. Ferris is extremely creative and fortunately an [expert in] her profession.


Carrie Shapiro


Tranquility Respite Care, LLC.

Post-op Aftercare center



Her business ethics and beauty secrets are at the highest standard! She is the optimum beauty therapist; because of this she is the only one that touches my face.


Marie Bell


Overture Films



Over the years we have had a very good business relationship with Ferris Strachan, “the guru” of clinical skin care and permanent make-up artistry!  We send all our post-operative care, permanent make-up areola restorations, facelift scars and camouflage work to Ferris at Ferris Custom Face and Body.  The results are flawless!


She is a leader in her field with extraordinary skills, talent, and integrity.  I hold her in the highest regard.


Dr. Jason Litner M.D.



I just wanted to let you know that I found and have been going to a wonderfully talented camouflage/ permanent makeup. She is quite the technician in camouflaging scars and applying permanent make-up in addition to practicing all the latest technical advances in skincare.



Referral from office of Garth Fisher, MD

Extreme Makeover



Last year I was suddenly plagued with a skin condition on my face.  I went to numerous doctors all of whom were unable to prescribe anything that helped.


I have been to aestheticians all over the world and Ferris is really the first time I feel as if the treatments are designed just for me and my specific skin.  She calls her business “Ferris Custom Face and Body” and that’s precisely what it is.  Not only is Ferris very caring and individualized in her treatments she is also a consummate professional with a wide range of experience and training.


Carrie Zivetz

Life Coach



Your demonstration on Micro-dermabrasion, Micro-current Facial Toning and LED Light Therapy was a very well received and appreciated by our students.  The information in your demonstration and the additional reference material you provided were with fascinating and timely.



Thank you again for taking time to teach our students new and advanced procedures in the Esthetics industry.


Byung D. Cho

Director/ Owner

Palace Beauty College



I am a partner in a Real Estate Investment Company in Beverly Hills, CA. Ferris has distinguished herself as one of the finest skin care professionals in Beverly Hills. Her competence, compassion and ethics as a facialist are exemplary…


Jill Black Zalben

Black Equities 



From the time of our introduction I have been struck by her intelligence, industry and integrity.


Integrity in the “big city” is a trait not found in vast supply among its dwellers . . . that she would not lie and could not lie, cheat, or steal to attain her lofty goals…


Lawrence Hall MD



I was referred to her by my plastic surgeon to assist with post surgical treatment for my eyes and specifically for bruising, swelling, scabs, and deep scars surrounding my eye area.  In just two days after customized post-op treatments, my eyes were healed and I could be out in public.  Bruising, swelling, and scabbing were all gone!  Her treatments were quite unbelievable and my doctor was quite surprised how fast I healed.  I would highly recommend her expertise and services.


Satisfied Client



Her treatments are trade secrets and called “Medical Massage.” Her healing hands and caring soul truly is a gift and makes her unique and the top in her field!


Tracey Mattingly

Tracey Mattingly LLC

Hair and Make-Up Agency



Ferris is a specialist in darker skin tones and specializes in every aspect of African American skin, pigmentation and keloids.  She has removed a nickel size pigmentation mark on my cheeks that has been there for years which no one could remove.


For over 30 years I have been in the beauty business field and I recognize, know the best, and have seen the results to know that she is the best in the field.  In my opinion she is “the lead esthetician” for ethnic skin and I only go to the best!


Risa Johnson

Johnson & Guess

Hair Restoration Stylist/Owner



In my work as a professional airline pilot I spend hundreds of hours each year in the cockpit at high altitudes exposed to harsh sunlight and dry air. I sought professional advice and care on how to best safeguard myself against the elements.


I attest and personally recommend her services to anyone wishing to have more youthful healthy appearance.


Ann Marie Tazzar


American Airlines



I am a retired Deputy Sheriff for the Los Angeles Sheriff Department. I have always had acne on my face for most of my life. I wasn’t educated about my skin and had no idea that you were not supposed to pick pimples. Due to my lack of education I was left with dark spots all over my face.


Ferris changed my life, I no longer have to wear foundation. She is truly an asset to her profession.


So, now my life is great. I get so many compliments on my skin and people often ask me “What kind of makeup do you use?” I am elated to tell them “I don’t have on any make up.” I praise about my esthetician “FERRIS” and tell them how great she is. So Ferris thank you for changing my life and teaching me how to get Great SKIN...


Tamiko McCloud

Retired Deputy Sheriff



She is professional, knowledgeable and efficient while being artistic and always having the client’s best interests in mind. She is also very gentle with my face, never going to extremes. I am a 52-year-old man who is taken for a man in his thirties. I attribute it solely to Ferris since I have never had any type of surgery.


Phil Rodak

VP Production Accounting Finance

Fox Television Studios



Her face and body treatments create a healthy radiance, working from the inside out, for lasting results. Ferris immediately knew how to analysis and prescribes the right formula of skin peels and home care treatments to restore my skin to a healthy glow. Gone was the parched, leopard spotted, sun damaged skin: in its’ place was a younger, fresher and ultimately happier face.


I suffered a debilitating back injury resulting in sciatica from twisted vertebrae to degenerative disc disorder. I couldn’t walk for months and as a result of pinched nerves and poor circulation my thighs bloated up like balloons. I was developing lymph edema! Then along came Ferris to the rescue! Her body treatments enabled me to heal more quickly. The lymphatic drainage process increased nerve stimulation and circulation of blood and drained the lymphatic area. She’s like a nurturing friend.


Debra Kimbrough

Satisfied Client



Ferris was recommended to me in regards to a chemical burn I had received on the right side of my face while having a facial at another establishment. I was devastated and traumatized. My skin had not only been burnt by the procedure, I started getting a reoccurring rash. Ferris assured me that she could correct and or reverse the damage. . . .After the third peel I saw major reversal in all the damage that occurred during the ill advised facial mentioned previously.


 That was two years ago and my skin is still glowing radiantly and getting compliments to the point that five of my friends have also become clients of Ferris.


Ferris has exceptional knowledge and skills that make her incomparable.


Ms. Tambera Thompson

Math Department Chair

Crozier Middle School




Ferris is an outstanding young woman who has worked diligently to be successful in her career. She is to be admired and respected for all the work she has done to help other people, not only in her business, but she extends her assistance to many others when needed.


Lenore H. Eisenstein

Associate Dean, Emeritus

Los Angeles Trade Technical College



Ferris helped me by improving my appearance. . . She corrected a crooked lip line, in addition to giving me a permanent lipstick line. Thanks to her I now have a fresher better groomed appearance


Dianne Aaronson

Professional Dancer & Pilate Instructor



Ferris Strachan goes the extra mile to care for her clients and pays careful attention to details along the way.


Linda Posnick




Ferris trains nurses at physician’s offices on how to care for post op patients and in many cases corrects other medical professional’s mistakes.


Barbara Builder



Ferris has offered several make-up/stylist sessions to my clients as well as given her skills as an esthetician to myself and those who have been referred by me.


As an artist, business woman and partner of integrity, Ferris, has given healthy facials permanent make-up and helpful hints on maintaining my appearance.  Extremely well-informed. Done extensive research within her line of work and her credentials show that she is truly a high end person as well as a business woman!


Alyssa Nicol




Ferris Custom Face and Body has been a place of my choice for several years due to high professionalism and excellent qualifications of Ferris Strachan. Ferris is very talented and a true visionary who stays ahead of the competition by utilizing innovative technologies and techniques. All of her services are highly customized and unique.


Olga Polunin

Business Development Manager

Siemens Medical Solutions, USA



I have chronic neck and back pain and Ferris is the only medical massage therapist that has helped me.  Ferris has and continues to treat my skin pigmentation on my face. A dermatologist told me that my pigmentation could not be treated but I am proof that Ferris has successfully treated this problem.


I have recommended Ferris, to many people including my cousin who was advised to receive neck surgery for slipped disk by a specialist. After receiving therapy from Ferris she no longer needs surgery.


Angela L. Grannecille

Positive Eyes ONS Optometry, INC



When Ferris and I first met, my skin was completely unhealthy. I was afflicted with cysts, scarring and discoloration culminating from several years of congestion. I used Proactive and even prescriptions from the dermatologist, buy nothing worked. Ferris knew exactly how to treat my difficult skin type and began an aggressive series of treatments to get my skin back to a normal healthy level. With in a couple of months, I saw remarkable improvements. I no longer have cysts and my coloring is great.


Ferris has managed to succeed in the treatment of my skin, where many others have failed. With Ferris, you are assured excellent results and will always be in good hands.


Allison S Arakawa



My skin condition comprised of a severe case of facial hair that caused bumps, ingrown hairs and discolored pigmentation on my neck, chin and jaw areas.


In a nutshell, I spent over 15 years going to countless dermatologists (including a renowned Cedar Sinai dermatologist/educator) claiming expert, state-of-the-art skin care regiments that did nothing to help my problems.  I endured a spectrum of treatments from waxing, weekly shots, and pills, to “wonder” products.  I lost confidence in the medical community and so I went back to shaving on a daily basis.  Well, when I met Ferris everything changed! 


Ferris immediately displayed a sensitive, confident, practical approach to my skin issues.  The quality of her abilities is nothing short of phenomenal!  My skin care regiment (which included electrolysis) was mapped out and I was on my way to a wonderful transformation.


This process is especially difficult to accomplish with some African-American hair that can be very curly, as is mine, but Ferris possesses a natural talent.  Ferris’ extensive research and adaptation of the best and most effective world-renowned products has transformed the physical appearance of my skin to a healthy state and my facial hair has been drastically reduced.


Ferris has a unique, God-given gift to transform men and women’s imperfections into a state of healthy beauty.  Ferris is an invaluable innovator in the skin care industry and she continues to build a reputation as one of the renowned skin care specialists in Los Angeles.


Fleetenia Summerville

Grants Coordinator University of La Verne



I have gone to four dermatologists within my lifetime for my acne.  After one session with Ferris, I immediately began to see results.  My skin looked smoother, less blotchy, and the products that she recommended actually did their job.  Ferris is a stellar consultant…Her knowledge of procedures and product is over whelming.  Her programs are uniquely tailored for each person; this shows the kind of dedication that Ferris gives to her clients.


Aura Andaya



I wanted to take a moment to thank you so much for helping me get such terrific results on my brows. As you know I had a terrible experience with another permanent makeup esthetician in Beverly Hills that promised me the world. I ended up with mismatched eyebrows and a credit card charged to the max from their outrageous prices.


Michelle Bolotin

Coldwell Banker




[Ferris Strachan] is an absolute guru in customizing effective skin care and body treatments. In addition to her years of education and constant training, her devotion to providing her clients with proven results make her programs actually more effective than some that are administrated via dermatologists.


Amapola de Leon


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