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Esthetic Care

Ferris doing Esthetic care on womani Beverly Hills

· Make-Up Application

Special make-up that focuses on treating, not just covering up, skin conditions. This includes tinted moisturizer, mineral make-up, blemish correctors, and camouflage water proof make-up.


Day, Evening, Wedding, and Photography make-up applications offered. On location available for an additional fee.


Camouflage specialty make-up to hide post-operative healing for example bruising and scars.


Airbrushing Make-Up a finished, flawless look that lasts all day!

· Make-Up Lessons


· Color Analysis


Analysis of color swatches to determine if undertone is a #1 cool or #2 warm.


Beneficial for wardrobe, permanent make-up, and make-up to be able to look your ultimate best.

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