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By Ferris Strachan

Natural Beauty

Natural beauty, thus, having beautiful skin quite frankly, is never natural... It takes an avalanche of work!
Oscar Wilde once said, “A woman’s face is her work of fiction.”

However, I will add it takes both exterior and interior acts of work to achieve this “natural” beauty.
For instance, letting go of life’s disappointments, regrets, and bitterness from people who have wronged us.

It takes a disciplined spirit of work to stop complaining, and It takes an extraordinary amount of work to keep on smiling.

As we’ve learned, “natural” beauty is never natural without the heavy lifting of our labor.

By Ferris Strachan

What Is Beauty??

Is beauty the brush strokes seen at dusk and dawn for all to view,

in the sky screen of oranges, purples and blues?

Is it the twinkle of innocence in a young child’s eye?

Or hearing God’s tears of rain droplets splatter – tapping the words, 

“in this world all this STUFF-- really--- doesn’t matter!

The smells of smoky, woody aromas of pine, pristine evergreens

Or the gift of watching your infant become a strong, stable teen!-

Reflections of our unruly past?? 

Or is beauty only things --that do not last?

Isn”t lasting beauty the Lord’s unforsakeable affection?

And yet, the world says beauty is full of blings, limited views and perfecccccttttiooonnn------

to be loved one needs-flawless skin, body and hair, 

latest trends and dresses that are embarrassingly bare,

All  lies…LIES…LIES… like fluttering, blind butterflies,

Isn”t, true beauty, seen in the individual, humble, and the truly wise!? 

Family, friends, and the earth’s guileless nations 

Forgotton, stabbed, and torn apart,

Don’t you think-

this beauty needs,

a revamp changed  of  heart?

Addicted to drugs, thugs and, countless looters haters, molesters, 

and wayyyy tooooo many shooters!  


Surely – it’s direct line from the heavens above

when even one kneels down and says, “I am sorry-sorry---- I want to love!!!”


Or is beauty?-- the creator—alluring…bursting, blinding- bright light, 

miraculously transcending his will to our might?


Aaaaaah …. awesome, blameless, bountiful GOD 

Who simply delights in OUR beauty--

all perfectly and terribly---------- flawed!

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