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Ferris the Skin Angel

Skin is the largest living organ and to really protect it one needs a special angel to ruffle through all the beauty, health trends and marketing gimmicks. For the last 25 years I have been coined the skin angel and for the last 20 years I have been busy as pioneer in skin care industry building my boutique practice in the heart of Beverly Hills, helping many with different skin issues to achieve beautiful, healthy skin. But today is the day where the skin angel's assignment is to now broaden her wings and be an angel to the consumer-to educate and share what she has learned in her own practice. This blog will act like a consumer report as we will review any esthetics, trends, product, machines, make-up, services and spas. I have spent a life time surrounding myself with some kind of beauty esthetics from a very young age as I am a painter, dancer, poetic, fashion degree, licensed clincial esthetician, make-up artist, esthetics and medical permanent make-up artist, electrologist, trigger point and lymphatic massage therapist. I am also a founding member of the National Areola & Nipple Tattoo Registry and have won awards of the best medical tattooing and skin care treatments in Beverly Hills. Additionally, I am also called an Ambassador to specific charities because my skin care boutique company has raised the most amount of money in one day in all of southern California for "Starlight Star Bright," foundation for sick children.

In my practice, where I usually see clients several times in a month where I can assess their skin progress therefore, I can see what protocols work and those that do not. I call this the skin trail. And my mission statement is, "it is suppose to get better." I believe in customized treatments as everyone's skin is so unique. I don't advertise. However, my standards are that all my clients should be a walking testimony wanting to refer my name out. I'm so excited to share what I know, answer questions, provide prospective and guidance -Ferris the Skin Angel.



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