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12 Beauty Tips to Protect Against (Coronavirus) COVID-19

With all the concerns lately regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19), here are some beauty points for extra protection.

1. If you have any face home modalities (rollers, micro needling pen. Microdermabrasion, microccurrents) you must clean them after every session, do not share your toys with anyone! However. I would just dispose them after one application, especially if someone in your household has been sick with the virus. Note: these home modalities are inexpensive, and because of that, they are usually cheaply made and can contaminate very easily. "Pay for peanuts get monkeys"

2. Consider throwing out the modalities mentioned in tip #1. For example, if you are not feeling well and apply the roller on your skin, you run a higher risk of contaminating yourself when used again in the future.

3. For beauty services: I would highly suggest "low-trafficked places" as it is easier to control the environment with smaller facilities. Make sure they are wiping down counter top, sinks, and chairs for every client. Note: usually medical buildings have a higher standard for following pathogen/antiviral control. The more disposal the better.

4 To be extra safe, stay away from skin care camps, facials in open facilities, and products in buffet styles (open products). It may be cheaper but not worth the health problems it can cause. It is better to pay the extra money for a private room where the technicians can disinfect right in front of you or dispose supplies etc.

5. Pen-like machines for microneedling/microblading should be disposed after every client as they can easily cross contaminate. Probes/machines are usually more expensive but do not cross contaminate.

6. For skin care needs at home: when buying masques, buy the individual ones with expiration date.

7. For products for home care: don't share products ie. masques, cleaners etc. 8. if you have an open wound/cut and will be going into the public, keep it covered. If someone at home has the virus, also keep covered. 9. If you have been outside and in contact with the public, consider changing clothes and taking a shower when back home. 10. When going out in public ie. grocery stores, wear a face masks and gloves. if there are no masks, use a scarf around your face. This protects you from others approaching you that may be infected with the virus. 11. Make-up: I would recommended throwing it out, especially if someone near you has had the virus. When getting new make-up, do not share and do not store in a share counter or bathroom (Maybe keep in purse). As for brushes, clean after each use with soap and water and with alcohol (at least 70 per cent). Scizzors/tweezers should also be sterilize after each use. 12. Wipe down all products (bottles, hair sprays, and lotions) and don't share as this is sure way to cross contaminate!


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